We serve NGOs:

NGOs United is the only free data collection platform that actively promotes coordination among NGOs. The data collection involved in NGOs United gives NGOs the ideal platform to be able to communicate with each other. We encompass data on the activity of NGOs including where they work, what they are doing, and why they are doing it, along with their contact information to promote coordination. We highly encourage all of the NGOs who come across NGOs United to make use of this database to better their own strategies of intervention. In addition to data display, NGOs United also plays an active role in promoting NGO coordination by engaging with our user base and identifying potentially viable areas of NGO coordination.


we serve donors:

In a world of millions of NGOs it has become increasingly challenging to identify the NGO which a donor feels may be the most compatible with their interests. The database that NGOs United provides enables donors to view a wide array of NGOs and can be filtered to what they find most suitable to them. Additionally, NGOs United provides a platform for donors, NGOs, and beneficiaries to promote topics of discussion on a public forum. This allows donors to have a more realistic and comprehensive understanding of the realities of NGO practice. Such mechanisms are able to increase the transparency of aid and enable NGOs and donors to work together more efficiently.


we serve beneficiaries:

The long term impacts of a data collection project for NGOs has positive implications in terms of promoting NGO transparency and accountability. We believe that with a rise in these attributes it will empower beneficiaries to have a voice, an aspect which too often lacks in the world of aid. Beneficiaries have the opportunity to partake in forums at NGOs United to voice their concerns and desires to NGOs, which have the potential to shape the interventions that NGOs implement. We also believe that this database will empower NGOs and local governments to work together more efficiently by providing a comprehensive understanding of the aid available.