Map of NGOs in Haiti


number of HAITIAN NGOs mapped: 34/10,000





Our data is collected from a variety of sources. Our primary source of data is through the direct website of the NGO. By reviewing their programs we are generally able to develop a rough picture of what they are doing and where. When NGOs provide insufficient data, we then source out to financial auditing websites which may have reviewed these charities and have additional data on who is doing what and where.  


If you would like to ensure more accurate data on our site, we encourage you to get in touch with NGOs listed on our map. 



Haiti is divised into 10 départements. The colour for this larger division will be orange. Any NGO that doesn't have an address is also labelled in this colour and is under the location of the Port au Prince city Hall.


Départements" are then further divided into 41 arrondissements. These are coded as yellow. 


Within these 41 arrondissement exist 133-140 communes. These will be coded for light green.


These communes are then further subdivided into communal sections. It's very rare to have an address this precise. We encourage you to get in touch with NGOs to have them provide this location precision.