Welcome to NGOs United.

10,000,000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are operational worldwide. 

$30,000,000,000 are distributed annually to NGOs to support a variety of aid projects.  

The rise in NGOs has made it incredibly challenging for NGOs to coordinate, communicate, and understand who needs what in aid delivery. There is currently no existing platform that is free, public, and user-friendly for donors, NGOs, and beneficiaries to address these issues.

NGOs United is a group of dedicated individuals united in one organization striving to provide that platform and to improve the effectiveness of aid delivery. We do this through the mechanism of data collection, public forums, and actively communicating with NGOs.


At NGOs United, our goal is to actively promote NGOs communication, provide donors with NGO transparency, and give beneficiaries a voice. Click below to learn more about our initiative and current work.


To stimulate comprehensive coordination within aid we must all play a part. Change starts with you. Click below to join our movement.