Food sustainability is one of the world’s most pressing issues. The executive director of the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, Jacques Diof, phrases the situation in food sustainability well when he says: “the world spent US 1,200 billion dollars on arms in 2006. This is 400 times the amount needed to end world hunger. Against that backdrop, how can we explain to people of good sense and goof faith that it was not possible to fund US 30 billion a year to enable 862 million hungry people to enjoy the most fundamental of human rights: the right to food and thus the right to life?”

To discuss this pressing topic, we will hear from Bryce Rauterkus, the project coordinator for the NGO Friends and Family Community Connections He is currently on his third year of a five year food sustainability project in Haiti. We will then hear from a few of Bryce’s beneficiaries. In the third podcast we will be speaking with Lucy Jarosz, professor and chair of the department of geography at the university of Washington. These three episodes will then climax into a panel discussion between all three speakers where they will discuss constructive and progressive methods that NGOs can implement to better interventions in the context of food sustainability. 


Bryce has worked in Haiti for three years and has implemented two programs which are aiming to provide food sovereignty. His first program revolves around agroecology, where he engages with the community to combine local farming knowledge with modern agricultural skills to optimise production. This year he has also started a school feeding program. In this program he purchases food in Haiti to then provide food to schools. His programs have lead to job growth, increased agricultural production, economic security, and positive steps towards food sovereignty in Gressier, Haiti. 

In this episode he details how he has implemented these programs, the challenges he has faced, and explains how it is possible to combine food aid with food sovereignty. 

If you would like to read more about the specifics of Bryce's interventions, you can review his project summaries and proposals below:

FFCC Feeding Program Sep-Dec 2016

FFCC Haiti — Agroecology Project Year 3 (2017) Proposal

Parents and children in the school feeding program

In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with two parents and three children in Bryce Rauterkus' school feeding program. With the help of Duval Frantz, we are able to hear from the voices of beneficiaries. They speak about the things that they would like to see Bryce's program do differently, and how this program has had an effect on the children and the families as a whole.