Our Story

           The majority of the members at  NGOs United entered the aid business wanting to start another NGO. Disillusionment quickly followed with the realization of the amount of time, money, and effort that is already invested into this system. We came to understand that it isn't working. 

          Before long we began to comprehend the flaws within aid. We saw a need for NGOs to be better coordinated. We saw a need for beneficiaries to have a voice. We saw a need for donors to see transparency within NGOs.

          We've organized NGOs United to answer these needs. Our goal is simple: make the system work better to enable global aid to reach its full potential.

Our values

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
— Mahatma Gandhi


We reject the possibility that things can not be accomplished in aid. As Paul Farmer might say, that is a "failure of imagination." We see the existence of millions of NGOs and billions of dollars in aid investment as a failure of imagination, but we don't give up hope. We consistently strive to be imaginative, to be creative, and will never give up trying. 


Not a single member of the NGOs United team will ever receive a dime. Our efforts are selfless and made out of pure intent. We wish not to risk the monetary conflict that many organizations have found themselves in, all in an effort to fully enable global aid to reach its full potential. 


To promote effective and comprehensive change all of our data is public. This allows donors, NGOs, volunteers, and beneficiaries all to take advantage of the resources that we offer. We believe that we are all in a fight for global equity together, and that we must work together to accomplish our goals. 

Making the world a better place

Every decision that is made at NGOs United is made with the mindset of 'which choice will make the world a better place.' 

Our mission

         The mission of NGOs United is to make global aid more effective. We empower beneficiaries by giving them a stronger voice within the aid community. We serve as an active coordination body stimulating NGO communication and coordination by body providing NGOs with the insight of who is doing what and where within aid. We empower donors to see what is occurring within the world of aid by providing them with a transparent and comprehensive picture.